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, Autopsy report reveals the cause of Matthew Perry’s death

Matthew Perry’s cause of death has been revealed. Nearly two months after the Friends actor was found dead at his home, ET has obtained Perry’s autopsy report. The report lists Perry’s cause of death as the acute effects of ketamine. According to the report, Perry was reportedly receiving ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety. His last known treatment was more than a week before his death, but the ketamine in his system could not be from that treatment since the drug’s half-life is under four hours, according to the report.

The report notes that contributing factors to Perry’s cause of death were drowning, coronary artery disease, and the effects of buprenorphine, which is a drug that is prescribed for the medical treatment of people with an opioid drug dependence.

Perry’s manner of death is listed as accidental, stating that it was drug and drowning-related. No foul play is suspected, according to the report. While prescription medications and loose pills were present at Perry’s home, none were found near the pool where he died, per the report.

The autopsy report’s release comes one month after Perry’s death certificate was obtained by ET. According to Perry’s death certificate, the actor, who was found in his hot tub, died on Oct. 28 at 4:17 p.m. Perry’s stepfather, Keith Morrison, was listed as the informant on the certificate, meaning the Dateline host was the one who identified Perry to authorities.

The certificate further revealed that Perry was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles on Nov. 3.

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