Christmas dinner ruined after burst water pipe cut supply

A burst water pipe that cut supply off on Christmas Day has left some residents with “brown” water, they have claimed.  Around 3,000 residents in parts of South Gloucestershire were without water yesterday after the burst stopped water supply and caused “very poor” pressure.One woman said their Christmas dinner was “ruined”.

Bristol Water said people should leave taps running to clear discoloration. The water company – which supplies water to the Winterbourne, Stoke Gifford, and Bradley Stoke areas of the county impacted by the burst – said that the issue has been permanently fixed and apologised for any disruption.

According to a notice on Bristol Water’s website, the discolouration is not a “health concern”.Bottles of water were supplied to residents outside the Co-op on Winterbourne Road from yesterday evening and throughout today.

Speaking to the BBC outside the convenience store, local resident Adel Dickson said her family had to ask other people to get water as they don’t drive. She said: “Christmas dinner was ruined. Couldn’t cook the vegetables. We couldn’t flush the toilets, couldn’t shower. Expecting other people to get water on Christmas Day completely ruined our day.

Now we have water it is a good thing, but you can only have one Christmas a year. You spend it with elderly people, their Christmas is ruined and you don’t know if they are going to have another Christmas

Source: BBC

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