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Former Miss America runner-up Cullen Johnson Hill shares her addiction struggles

Cullen Johnson Hill, who was first runner-up in the Miss America 1995 pageant, gave an unfiltered look at “what addiction looks like” to inspire others to quit drinking.

“I’ve just come from jail, serving my time that I owed from my second DUI, and this will be my journey,” she said in a Nov. 29 TikTok video. “I’m so much better when I’m sober. You’re like, ‘Yeah, no kidding, because you look like crap.'”

Pointing out her black eye and short haircut, Cullen explained that she wants viewers to see what her life is like as she holds herself accountable to stay clean after serving 30 days behind bars.

“I am an alcoholic, and I’ve been struggling with this since I was 24,” Cullen shared. “But I just wanted to give a message to all of you to let you know that there’s hope.”

She teared up as she continued, “I’m going to be OK. I have a wonderful son and a husband who loves me very much. But I just want to say, please, if you are relapsing, stop. I had four and a half years sober. I know what sobriety is like—and it’s wonderful.”

The Virginia native originally gave up alcohol 12 years ago with her husband, who remained sober during her relapse.

“By the grace of God, I’m lucky that he has stayed with me,” Cullen noted. “But for whatever reason, the devil keeps taking me back to drinking, and it’s not worth it. So, I’m done.”

Cullen—who is planning to go through AA once again—is also leaning on fans during this difficult time. In a follow-up video, she said she was “astonished” by the support she’s received in the face of her health challenges.

As she put it, “I can’t thank you enough for all of your love and just the response that you’ve given me.”

Cullen grew up in a military family, moving 22 times within 22 years, she previously told The Virginian-Pilot. She won the title of Miss Virginia in 1994 and went on to compete in Miss America as a 23-year-old pianist from Virginia Beach.

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