Kate Middleton proves she’s bigger person than Meghan Markle

Kate Middleton proved she is a “bigger person” than Meghan Markle by ditching her chance to don a “revenge dress” on Christmas day. Kate, the Princess of Wales, opted for a chic blue outfit to “send out a message” of “peace and harmony” to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Analyzing the gorgeous ensemble of Kate that she chose to wear while arriving at the Sandringham Estate for Christmas Mass, a style expert said the Princess was sending a “hidden message” via her outfit.
Speaking with GB News, style expert Danielle Rogers-Clark said, “Princess Kate has been known for her influential style status since her engagement to Prince William back in 2010.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

“The now-Princess Of Wales knows the impact of her looks,” the expert added. “As a senior working royal, Kate is unable to ‘speak her truth’ in the way her sister-in-law Meghan has been able to, so Kate has become accustomed to sending hidden messages through her outfits.”

“The earthy tones” of blue “once again signify unity and are in keeping with the country chic vibe that the family tend to adhere to,” Rogers-Clark added.

She went on to claim that Kate could have opted for a “scarlet red” colour for Christmas to send a scathing message to Meghan after her “mouth-piece” accidently revealed her name as one of the two senior royals who had concerns about Prince Archie’s skin colour.

“My thoughts on the Princess’s Sandringham style this year, her blue-toned outfit, subtly, in her signature Kate way, sent out a message of togetherness, love and harmony,” the expert said.Although, I would have loved to see another bold scarlet red look of power, the modern-day version of the revenge dress

Source: People

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Prince Harry

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