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Mark Wahlberg on daughters dating life

Mark Wahlberg has a liberal attitude regarding the dating lives of his daughters. In a chat with Fox News, the father-of-four said, “It depends. I’m usually pretty cool,” adding, “I think after the first go-round with my oldest, I realized it is what it is… it’s inevitable.”

Promoting his latest film, The Family Plan, the actor opened up about his language barrier when monologuing in French and German. Definitely learning the monologue in French and German,” the 52-year-old told the outlet on the Apple TV+film’s Las Vegas premiere.

In the movie, Mark plays a deadly government assassin who has become a family person. I braid hair, two girls. I learned how to braid,” the actor hilariously shared his off-screen experience. He shared, “No, I was invited. I didn’t crash the party,” noting, “I mean, we tore it up a little bit, but it was a blast.

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In other news – Ama2000 Queen Minaj’s latest pic shocks Mzansi

Limpopo-born Ama2000 entertainer Lunya Makua known as Queen Minaj trended on social media this weekend when a photo of her “pale” legs was shared.

Queen Minaj

A Facebook page titled Queen Minajos shared the photo of the popular Ama2000 dancer on Saturday, 16 December and indicated that she “used cream to bleach her legs. Read more

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