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Mfana Kah Gogo to return to school next year

Mfana Kah Gogo plans to return to school in 2024 after taking a year break to focus on music. “There’s a lot that I have learned about the music industry during the gap year. I learned much more about the business of music and got to be hands-on with my brand. But I also got to save some money so that I can be able to pay for my fees next year,” he told Zimoja.

He shared some of his musical achievements.

“I received gold status for my song Azul with DJ Karri. I also got time to think carefully about what it is that I want to study.”

Mfana further revealed how his parents reacted to his decisions.

“I agreed with my mom and grandmother that I would focus on the music, raise some money, and go back to school after one year, which is what I have done,” he says.

“They were not sure about it in the beginning, but they trusted my judgment. They know how much I love music and that I am very disciplined, so they supported me, and their support has encouraged me a lot. I was able to decide on my style of music. I did many collaborations with other artists. I helped to raise my siblings and take them to school and for me, those are my biggest wins.”

“I will be paying the fees for my siblings who passed and make sure they stay in school in order to fulfill their dreams.”

Kah Gogo speaks on the importance of education.

“Every career requires you to have some level of education. Artists usually sign contracts that bind them due to lack of education. It is also important to have something to fall back on.”

In other news – Amapiano Awards 2023 cancelled

The second annual Amapiano Awards was canceled minutes after guests made their entrance into the venue. Organisers Qhubani “DJ Qness” Ndlovu and business partner Pleasure Adams left the venue without explaining why the awards had been canceled for the third time.

Amapiano Awards canceled due to non-payment from organizers,” reads the statement at the entrance, with security men turning people back. Read More

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