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Mihlali Ndamase rumored to be in a relationship with Scott Sakupwanya

Mihlali Ndamase is reportedly in a relationship with a Zimbabwean government official, whose name Scott Kupa. The news about her new man came to the limelight shortly after ending her relationship with Leeroy Sidambe who reportedly cheated on her. A controversial entertainment blogger revealed that the South African influencer has moved on with a new lover.

“Meet Mihlali Ndamase’s new sugar daddy Scott Kupa. Scott Kupa is a Zimbabwean government official and has been showering Mihlali Ndamase with lavish gifts. In October; Mihlali Ndamase went on an expenses paid trip to London; United Kingdom sponsored by Scott Kupa,” reads Musa’s tweet.

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Another Twitter user revealed Scott’s other business. “Scott Kupa is not simply a government official He is Zimbabwe’s largest GOLD buyer,” reads the tweet.

Scott Sakupwanya later responded to the allegations and denied them. “I’m NOT dating Mihlali, says Zimbabwean tycoon Scott Kupa speaking to Maphepha Ndaba. Scott told Maphepha Ndaba that he’s too busy to be dating anyone. He also said his only focus is his business and family whom he loves and respects dearly.”

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According to Maphepha Ndaba, he also said he’s also ready to legal action, against anyone circulating the rumors. He also says he doesn’t know Mihlali at all.

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