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Shawn Booth welcomes first baby with Dre Joseph

Shawn Booth is entering a new rosy chapter: parenthood. The Bachelorette alum recently announced that he and Audrey “Dre” Joseph have welcomed their first child.

“Baby Booth arrived yesterday and is health & perfect,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories Dec. 13 alongside a photo of the newborn’s feet. “Mom is an absolute rockstar & did incredible! Everything went super smooth and we couldn’t be more grateful. Best feeling in the world..”

Shawn did not reveal the sex of their little one. And while the reality star had previously noted they wanted to be surprised, he did have his predictions.

“Everybody thought it was a boy, and now everybody thinks it’s a girl,” he said on the Dec. 4 episode of his podcast In the Booth With Shawn Booth. “I would say I’ve got more of an intuition or a feeling that it’s a girl as well, maybe, but we will find out soon.”

Shawn—who has also yet to share the child’s name—first revealed in July that a baby was on the way.

“It’s happening, gonna be a father,” he said on a July episode of the podcast. “The mother is somebody who I’ve been close with for years, and we’ve had a relationship and we’ve dated. This just isn’t some random girl I met at honky-tonk central. This is a big surprise for the both of us. I mean, open and honest, this wasn’t something that was planned. But it will be and is the most beautiful surprise I’ve ever had in my life, and it’s gonna be very special.”

And the gym owner noted he’s excited to begin this next chapter. “I can’t wait,” he continued. “I’m ready. I’m 37 years old. I’ve always wanted to be a dad.”

While fans initially met Shawn in 2015 on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette, he’s expressed how he’s lived a more private life following the end of their engagement in 2018.

“I have been, for the most part, very private since my experience on going on ABC’s The Bachelorette—private in my personal life,” he said on the July podcast episode. “I feel like I was very, very scarred from the situation—not in a bad way. Like, I say I loved the experience. It was awesome. But I think it was just weird everybody kind of looking to me about my relationship, and focusing on my relationship. Like, that’s what I was known for. I was known for my relationship.”

He added, “So since the breakup, everybody’s kind of wanted to know who I’m dating, and dating’s been tough, and who’s dating—should I say it—for the right reasons. So I’ve always kept a very private personal life.”

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