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United Kingdom gets tough on foreigners

In a recent press statement, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak highlighted significant progress in addressing illegal immigration, particularly focusing on reducing small boat crossings to the UK. Since outlining his priorities in January 2023, the Prime Minister reported a notable decline of one-third in small boat arrivals, coupled with the return of 20,000 illegal migrants this year.

The UK government has taken a multifaceted approach to combat illegal immigration, forging agreements with several nations, passing crucial legislation, and addressing challenges in the asylum system.

Earlier this year, the UK government enacted new laws designed to deter illegal migrants from arriving via small boats. Under these laws, individuals arriving illegally will not be allowed to stay. If it is deemed safe, they will be returned to their home country; otherwise, they may be sent to a safe third country, such as Rwanda.

The Illegal Immigration Act, implemented on July 20, 2023, empowers Ministers to remove individuals arriving illegally, strengthens detention powers, prevents the processing of asylum claims in the UK, and enables the UK to send illegal migrants to safe third countries. The Act also curtails last-minute legal challenges, expands the list of safe countries, and establishes an annual cap on refugees settled through legal routes.

However, challenges with Rwanda’s asylum system, as highlighted in Supreme Court judgments, have temporarily halted the lawful removal of individuals to the country. To address this, a new treaty guarantees the safety of migrants sent to Rwanda and establishes joint legal panels with British and Rwandan judges. Emergency legislation also solidifies Rwanda’s status as a safe country for asylum seekers, insulating it from domestic legal challenges.

The UK has established partnerships with various countries to fortify its borders and combat people smuggling networks. A new collaboration with Turkey aims to disrupt the sourcing of boat parts for illegal migration journeys. Additionally, agreements with Georgia and Moldova facilitate the return of foreign nationals violating UK immigration laws, while intelligence sharing with Bulgaria enhances efforts to detect and dismantle people smuggling gangs.

Prime Minister Sunak underscored the government’s commitment to maintaining control over its borders and emphasized the need for comprehensive measures to curb illegal immigration. These initiatives align with the broader strategy to secure the nation’s borders and promote safe and legal routes for asylum seekers.

In his statement, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emphasized, “We have made considerable progress in tackling illegal immigration,” highlighting the decline in small boat arrivals and the return of illegal migrants. He reiterated the government’s commitment to strong legislative measures, international partnerships, and addressing challenges within the asylum system to ensure effective border control and the promotion of legal pathways for asylum seekers.

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