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Jennifer Lopez putting Ben Affleck marriage at risk with her antics: Asking for trouble

Jennifer Lopez is repeating the mistakes she and Ben Affleck made 20 years ago when they had to call off their engagement due to excessive interest of media in their lives. After admitting that she and her husband have “PTSD” about what happened when they had to break up in 2004, an insider said the Hollywood beauty is putting their relationship at risk again.

Speaking with In Touch Weekly, a tipster claimed that JLo is using intimate moments with Affleck to promote her upcoming album and companion film, This Is Me… Now.

“This is asking for trouble,” the source said. “Jen says she and Ben have PTSD from all the scrutiny for the first time around, and then in the next breath she’s promoting this movie about their relationship.”

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“She’s so caught up in this romance fantasy, no one can tell her to put the brakes on, not even Ben,” the insider added. Speaking of Lopez’s social media posts and PDAs with Affleck, the insider said, “All the social media posts and constant PDA, it’s already over the top.”

“Now using her marriage and private moments to promote her album is serving her relationship up on a platter for the public to devour again,” they continued. Everyone’s predicting it will blow up in her face

Source: People

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