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Meghan Markle’s big plans for 2024 involve the Kardashians

Meghan Markle’s plans for 2024 may be inspired by the Kardashians’ immensely successful careers as influencers. The Duchess of Sussex is said to be ready to try her hand at influencing. Author Oli London has pointed out the signs that hint at Meghan Markle’s plans to “become an influencer.” London noted how the Duchess has been stepping out in “clearly sponsored” branded outfits.

“I go to America all the time and a few years ago Meghan and Harry were pretty popular,” he told TalkTV presenter Jonny Gould. “Every time I go there now, every single person I speak to is not a fan. They see them as very privileged and moaning all the time. I watched the Netflix series and it was just very dull. I think the public interest in them is waning.

Meghan Markle

He continued: “The problem is, the Royal Family don’t trust them now. The Omid Scobie Endgame book was a really flop. We know Meghan had a lot to do in feeding him information.”

“Next year, Meghan’s trying to become an influencer,” he claimed. The author went on to highlight which niches Meghan could pick up for her career as an influencer.

He explained: “She’s following in the footsteps of the Kardashians. You see her wearing clearly sponsored brands around the paparazzi. I think that’s her next step. She’s going to try and become an influencer – maybe fitness and wellness and try her luck at that.

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In other news – Germany football legend Franz Beckenbauer dies aged 78

Franz Beckenbauer, one of German football’s greatest players, who captained the team to World Cup victory in 1974 and then won the tournament again as manager in 1990, has died at the age of 78, German news agency DPA reported on Monday.

Franz Beckenbauer,

Beckenbauer was a classy, dominant presence on the pitch for West Germany and Bayern Munich, with whom he won three successive European Cups, and had the nickname Der Kaiser, or “The Emperor. Read more

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