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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle warned over releasing toxic book

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been sent a “toxic” warning after reports suggest they are potentially planning a sequel book to Harry’s bombshell release, Spare.

The initial release sent shockwaves around the world as Harry made a number of big claims against his family – notable his brother Prince William. And now, as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex look for their next big project, they’ve been warned off releasing a similar style book.

Spare primarily focused on Harry’s life before he married the Duchess of Sussex in 201 and this “did not go unnoticed,” according to a new biography of King Charles by Robert Hardman

But royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has said any further tell-all book will send the couple down a “lucrative but poisonous path”. Speaking to the Express, he said: “The publication of Harry’s memoir Spare began a dreadful year for the Sussexes which saw them lose Spotify and their popularity plummeted in the ratings in the US. They were mocked and Harry’s revelations in Spare were often unwise and were also laughed at.

“Harry revealed he had cut four hundred pages from it, because they were so sensitive and, in theory anyway, these could form the basis of another book. He could also write about his childhood and Meghan could write a memoir. However this would undoubtedly advertise to the world that the only way they could make a living was by continuing to trash the Royal Family.”

He continued to suggest going down this route would make the Harry and Meghan brand turn more “toxic” and completely burn any bridges with his family that could possibly remain.

It was previously claimed Harry and Meghan would have to “grovel” to Netflix if they want to renew their lucrative contract with the streaming giants. A PR expert also claimed the pair would have to “substantially lower their fee” if they were to proceed with their partnership.

Speaking to The Mirror, Ryan McCormick said: “Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary was the highest viewed documentary premiere for the streaming platform. However, according to Statista, the 2022 series has seen a precipitous drop with each subsequent episode. In addition, the series has a 19% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.”

He added Netflix will have to consider “if they are getting a healthy return for the amount of money they have paid” Meghan and Harry, saying: “My prediction is that as of now, Netflix will not even consider renewing their engagement with Meghan and Harry unless they agree to substantially lower their fee and guarantee a number of shows. The fact that Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos was rolling over with laughter as Jo Koy roasted Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Golden Globes is not a good sign.”

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