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Kanye West reflects on his journey to success

Kanye West, renowned rapper and record producer, recently opened up about his resilience amidst financial struggles and controversies.

Citing his partnership with Adidas, Kanye revealed that he lost around $2 billion in one day and after his antisemitic remarks and controversial fashion choices that brought him close to cancellation, Ye mentioned that he was ‘2 months away’ from declaring bankruptcy. However, he still believes he emerged as a successful entrepreneur as he raved to TMZ about his achievements and said, “Look at where y’all at now, look at where we at now”. We won”, he chanted across the LAX airport

On the subject of his latest album Vultures Part 1, he reminisced about his battles as he left companies obstructing him from reaching his desired goals which eventually led him to relocate to Italy with his wife Bianca Censori.

Kanye West‘
Kanye West


He then went on to credit himself for staying firm on his opinions and highlighted his ‘skillset’ that helped overcome adversity, he added, “If I didn’t have the various skill sets of music and clothing and the fanbase, they would have been able to destroy me. Ye continued, “But because we had all those skill sets, somehow I’m here inside of this universe able to fight.”

Ye also exploded with rage at people calling him ‘crazy’ and ‘bizarre’ for having a different opinion and responded to that by saying, “Y’all try to kill the superheroes”.

Despite public scrutiny and complexities of fame, Ye remained steadfast in his creative expression and the risk paid off when his latest album topped the charts in 100 countries.

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