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Kanye West struggles to eat and speak properly

 Kanye West put his shiny titanium dentures on display, some fans and experts have been raising concerns about the impact of this new stunt on his health. One expert shared that he might struggle to eat and speak due to this.

In an interview with The Mirror, Dr Safa Al-Naher said the Chicago rapper might struggle to “eat properly and speak properly and function properly,” noting the design of his new teeth is “quite thick at the front” which would trigger the problem.Apart from that, the expert warned fans about not taking heed from the controversial musician on the dental stunt.

Kanye West

“The dentist has a responsibility to the patient, I think. Really important that this kind of irreversible treatment is such a bad idea. Elsewhere in the interview, Safa suggested the experiment might trigger nerve issues for the 46-year-old.

Suggesting the new change may trigger nerve problems in the Chicago rapper’s health, the expert said, “Problems are, anytime we start to cut down teeth, we run the risk of damaging the nerve, so he might have nerve problems in the future and might need root canals

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In other news – Kate Middleton makes a big decision as she recuperates from surgery

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has reportedly made a major decision related to her personal secretary as the future queen is recuperating from abdominal surgery.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

According to a report by the Times, per GB News, Kate Middleton, who has been without private secretary for over a year, is set for a new aide as the Princess of Wales. Read more

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