Kate Middleton makes big decision as she recuperates from surgery

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton has reportedly made a major decision related to her personal secretary as the future queen is recuperating from abdominal surgery.

According to a report by the Times, per GB News, Kate Middleton, who has been without private secretary for over a year, is set for a new aide as the Princess of Wales continues to recuperateThe publication claims Lieutenant Colonel Tom White, late Queen Elizabeth II’s former equerry, has been appointed as Kate’s private secretary.

Kate Middleton

The future queen had reportedly invited White to join her at a public engagement towards the end of 2023. He worked for the late Queen Elizabeth II until her death in September 2022.

Before that, Lieutenant Colonel Tom White, a Royal Marines officer, served in Afghanistan in 2009. In November last year, the Daily Mail had claimed White’s appointment would be unusual for a number of reasons, including that he would be the first man to take the highly coveted position.

Source: People

In other news – Prince William more clear as he blocks Prince Harry from Royal return

Prince William believes it is a bad idea for Prince Harry to return to Royal duties.The Prince of Wales, who is currently looking after King Charles’ duties as he undergoes cancer treatment, does not want his younger brother to interfere.

Prince William

A royal source told the Express: “There’s no way that the Prince of Wales will wear it. Harry may well want to step back into a royal role but as far as his brother is concerned nothing has changed. Read more

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