UK weather: Schools shut as snow falls across parts of the UK

Schools have been closed across the country as snow starts to fall across parts of the UK. Two amber weather warnings are in place for snow and ice while temperatures dip during a short-lived cold snap.

They cover north Wales and north-west Shropshire from 08:00 GMT to 15:00, and the Peak District and south Pennines from 12:00 until 18:00. Persistent and at times heavy snow” is expected with up to 25cm of snow. Travel disruption is expected. Yellow weather warnings are also in place across all four nations.

Rain is expected in southern areas of the UK, but anywhere north from the north Midlands and north Wales will be a mix of rain and snow.

Heavy snow is expected in the hills of north Wales, the Peak District and the southern Pennines through the morning and early afternoon, before returning to rain.

With low-lying areas of north Wales, northern England and Northern Ireland more likely to see some occasional snow. In north Wales schools have shut. In Flintshire in north Wales every school has shut and another six have closed in Gwynedd.

Schools have also been closed near the Peak District and south Pennines, where the snow warning is in place. Road delays and disruption to rail travel are likely, with powercuts possible.

The Met Office also warns that untreated pavements and cycle paths are likely to be impassable, with injuries from slips and falls likely on icy surfaces.

Away from high ground in north Wales and northern England, there is still likely to be a spell of snow falling that could bring other travel disruption, especially around the morning commute.

The amount of snow here though can depend on a number of different factors and may vary across relatively short distances. For many, even though there could temporarily be snow falling, it is more likely that sleet or rain will be mixed in.

This will be more the case through Thursday afternoon as the area of rain, sleet and snow moves north into southern Scotland and Northern Ireland allowing milder air to spread north. It is quite a complex weather situation, and can result in big differences in conditions depending on how high you might be above sea level.

At Kinbrace, Highland the temperature dropped to -13.8C overnight, meanwhile it never got colder than 9C at St Marys, Isles of Scilly, and 10.6C at Guernsey Airport, on the Channel Islands.

Source: BBC

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