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Ben Affleck brings bad luck to Jennifer Lopez’s thriving career

Jennifer Lopez has experienced a drop in her popularity since she married the love of her life, Ben Affleck, despite releasing back-to-back projects, claimed an expert. According to PR expert Emily M Auston, the Hollywood diva could save her reputation even though she released an album, a movie, and a documentary focused on her love life with the Air actor recently.

Speaking with Femail, the expert analyzed the downfall of The Mother star, noting it all began following the release of her Superbowl documentary, Halftime, aired in 2022.

Sharing her two cents on the show, Auston said of JLo, “Her behaviour seemed uncompromising and whingy, having to share a stage with Shakira.”

“Her grievance about it wasn’t expressed eloquently and made her seem unlikable,” the expert noted. She went on to add how Affleck has not brought good luck to Lopez, sharing how some of their public appearances, especially their 2023 Grammys controversy has added to the singer-actor’s woes.

Jennifer Lopez

“In the shadow of beloved and long suffering Jennifer Garner, [Ben Affleck’s ex-wife] much of the imagery we have seen from J Lo has been mundane – car rides with Ben, curb side arguments, fast food takeaways,” she said.

“Often looking miserable. This has shattered the fourth wall, one which we’d all bought into. We didn’t want her to be a normal person,” Auston added.

Furthermore, the expert said that stars like Lopez needs to stay in power, noting how the On The Floor singer failed to relate with her younger fan following.

She said, “The big challenge with a star like J Lo is staying power. As her fans have grown older with her, she’s not done a good enough job of engaging with new fans and bringing them on the journey with her.”

Dishing on her documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, Auston said, “She’s also not moved her origin story on at all. Much of the backlash on TikTok particularly has been as a consequence of her new documentary, billed as a self indulgent, out of touch memoir.”

“It’s like an elaborate LA version of a therapist telling you to go and journal – except this homework was a $20 million self funded timeline of her love life.

Source: People

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