Tory response to MP Mark Menzies allegations appalling, says activist

The Tory activist allegedly called by an MP in the early hours of the morning asking for money has told the BBC she is “appalled” by the party’s response. Katie Fieldhouse says Mark Menzies rang her at 3:15am one December morning asking for £5,000 to pay “bad people”.

Mr Menzies was suspended by the Conservatives after claims he misused party funds and abused his position were published in the Times.

He told the paper he “strongly” disputes the allegations. The Conservatives say they started an investigation after a complaint was made.The BBC has approached Mr Menzies several times but he has not responded.

‘Life or death’
Speaking through tears at her home in St Anne’s, Lancashire, the lifelong Tory activist Ms Fieldhouse recounted the conversation she says she had with Fylde MP Mr Menzies in December of last year.

She told the BBC: “He said: ‘I’ve got in with some bad people and they’ve got me locked in a flat and they won’t let me out until I pay them £5,000’.

“I said ‘I beg your pardon’. He said ‘it’s life or death Katie, I need £5,000 from the account’.”

Ms Fieldhouse said she would not lend Mr Menzies money but claimed another activist did from their personal savings.According to the Times, the sum was reportedly paid later that morning, by which time it had risen to £6,500, from the personal savings of another local activist, who was reimbursed from campaign donations.

Mr Menzies offered to repay the funds but claimed local Tories who controlled the account the money came from said he didn’t need to, a source told the paper.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Fieldhouse says she raised her concerns with the Chief Whip Simon Hart after further discussion of money involving Mr Menzies.

She said Mr Hart had listened to her story and that the Conservatives started an investigation.

She became frustrated with the way the Conservative Party dealt with the complaint.I put my faith completely in the party… nothing happened – I heard nothing… I am appalled.”

She said her family had been loyal Conservatives for generations. The party has been part of my life, I’ve run every election campaign here for 40 years.

“I work myself into the ground for the party – all they hear is a 78-year-old little old lady.”

She added: “I am not having this brushed under the carpetThe party has let me down. I have said; my faith in the party is like my faith in God… they’ve let me down.

“I watch people go for a walk in this quiet area. Do I want them to go out and vote for a man who gets himself locked up and needs money to get him out? No.”

Mr Menzies had been chosen as the Tory candidate for the seat at the next election, where he has a majority of 16,611.

Ms Fieldhouse called for him to quit Parliament at the next election.

“If he falls on his sword… go away and start afresh. That’s what I would like to happen.Responding to the reports published in the Times, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said: “There are obviously a lot of unanswered questions in relation to these allegations.

“Not least why it seems the Conservative Party took so long to act and whether they’ve reported this to the police, who it seems to me should be involved in this.”

In a statement, Lancashire Police said: “We are aware of reports in the media relating to a serving Member of Parliament. No complaint has been made to the police at this stage.We will make contact with those impacted in due course to see whether they wish to make a complaint.”

The Times also reported Mr Menzies used a total of £14,000 – in several payments stretching back four years – from campaign funds to pay his personal medical bills.

A source close to Mr Menzies disputed the claim that it had been the MP’s suggestion to use campaign funds to pay his medical bills, the paper reported, but the Times says the money was not repaid.

In a statement to the Times, Mr Menzies said: “I strongly dispute the allegations put to me. I have fully complied with all the rules for declarations.

Source: BBC

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