Lenny Kravitz spills the beans on his workout regime

Lenny Kravitz recently opened up about his ‘rigorous’ workout regime. In a new chat with People Magazine, Lenny spilled the beans on his fitness regime and said, “I train five days a week, I lift weights, I do cardio, I eat well, I try to rest well when I can.”

He also declared, “It’s just part of life — it’s not even a question,” and shared he can work out in leather pants as well.

“If I can do that in leather pants, I’m sure I can do anything,” Lenny shared. Nonetheless, he stated that going in the sauna is the one thing he cannot pull off in these leather pants. I would not do that,” he said with a laugh before resigning from the topic. mIn the same conversation, the father of one teased collaboration with his musician daughter, Zoë Kravitz.

“I would love to do anything with my daughter because it’s my daughter, and it would have to be an organic creative experience,” Lenny added. He explained in conclusion, “We wouldn’t just do something to do it just to do it. If something called us to do it, then we would.

Source: People

In other news – Tory Aaron Bell will not stand in general election

Conservative candidate Aaron Bell has said he will not contest the Newcastle-under-Lyme seat at the general election. Mr Bell won the Staffordshire seat in 2019 and said he was proud of his record. He said the decision was made due to personal and family reasons.

Tory Aaron Bell

The general election takes place on 4 July and the Conservative Party will have to choose a new candidate by 7 June when nominations close. Mr Bell said he was most proud of his work on Walleys Quarry but being an MP had taken a considerable toll on him. Read more 

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