Meghan Markle refuses to forgive and forget despite Kate’s life threatening illness

Meghan Markle has just been accused of not making any allowances over forgiving gestures despite Kate Middleton and King Charles facing a life-threatening situation.

Royal author and expert Tom Bower issued these claims and sentiments. He weighed in on everything during one of his most recent interviews with The Mirror.

During that chat he initially began by saying, “Meghan doesn’t have a sure touch at all when it comes to dealing with her husband’s family.”

Meghan Markle

“She worries hugely about her image, but doesn’t see how much her image would be improved if she were to come to the UK and announce that family disagreements should be forgotten when one’s relatives are seriously ill.”

He also added, “In other words, it would look really good for Meghan’s image if she showed herself to be the bigger person, but she is so bitter and angry still that even the life-threatening illness affecting both her sister-in-law and her father-in-law is not enough for her to put the past behind her.”

In the eyes of Mr Quinn what Meghan doesn’t see is that “By not coming back in the face of these family disasters, Meghan is definitely signaling that she will never come back.

Source: People

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Kate Middleton

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