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Ben Affleck takes final decision regarding Jennifer Lopez divorce

Ben Affleck has decided to end his short-lived marriage to Jennifer Lopez even though he still loves and care for her, a source close to the actor has spilled. Multiple sources reported that JLo is desperate to make her marriage work, which is why the couple has not filed for divorce officially despite dealing with marital troubles.

Although he was not on board with Lopez’s decision, he tried to make their relationship work. However, it seems like it is not working anymore.

The Gone Girl star is “not backing down” and is “100 percent committed” to going through with the divorce,” a source told In Touch Weekly. “It’s just a question of timing.”

Ben Affleck

“The last thing Ben wants to do is hurt Jen,” they added. “He still loves and respects her and, of course, the family situation comes into this heavily, which is why he’s agreed to do this in a civilized and loving way, just like he did with Jennifer Garner.”

The insider went on to note that before Affleck and Lopez take the final step to call it quits, “they’re going to get all their ducks in a row.”

This “seems to be the standard practice in Hollywood these days” so that there’s “no messy court battle,” the source revealed. Sharing more updates, they said Ben Affleck “is far from comfortable right now” as he has to deal with Lopez’s mood swings along with work commitments.

“Besides being busy with a lot of his own work, he’s got J. Lo’s mood swings to cope with, phones ringing off the hook, and the press hounding him 24/7. Plus, a lot of people in J. Lo’s world and the public are treating him like the bad guy.

Source: People

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Matt Bomer, who recently starred in Bradley Cooper’s Maestro, made a shock revelation about Hollywood. For those unversed, the actor was offered the role of the superhero in 2003’s Superman: Flyby, but as per his new claims, he lost the gig due to the industry’s stringent rules.

Matt Bomer

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