Chief constable who lied about naval rank dismissed

A chief constable who lied and exaggerated his naval rank, length of service and achievements has been dismissed for gross misconduct. Nick Adderley, of Northamptonshire Police, claimed he had reached the rank of lieutenant in the military and that he was a military negotiator in Haiti in the 1980s.

A three-person panel upheld all the allegations against him following a five-day gross misconduct hearing.
Mr Adderley said one of the most painful aspects of the case was “the hurt that I have caused to veterans of the armed forces… as I come from a very proud family of veterans. Mr Adderley had been suspended on his full salary of £176,550 per year since last October.

As well as being dismissed without notice, he was also placed on the barred police list. He said the decision “brings to an end my career of over 32 years as a police officer”. Mr Adderley said he wanted to “lead by example and to uphold the highest standards of professionalism” in his role. He added: “I have failed you in that regard, something that I deeply regret, a regret that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

“I also regret that I will no longer be with you in the future, as the challenges of policing get ever more complex, but please be under no illusion; I will be cheering you all on from the sidelines. Northamptonshire Police said it would work hard to rebuild public trust and confidence after the dismissal of Mr Adderley. This case has put Northamptonshire Police in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons,” Northamptonshire police, fire and crime commissioner Danielle Stone said.

“We now need to set out to restore a reputation for honesty and integrity, which are fundamental values
The allegations came to light when doubt was cast over the Falklands War medal that Mr Adderley had worn on his uniform since 2009, despite only being 15 at the time of the conflict. He denied gross misconduct and that he acted “without honesty and integrity”.

On Thursday the gross misconduct hearing was told that “lies are flowing” from the mouth of Northamptonshire’s top police officer. In his closing statement, John Beggs KC said Mr Adderley had lied about reaching the rank of lieutenant in the military and that he was a military negotiator in Haiti in the 1980s.

Source: BBC

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