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Kevin Spacey in tears as bankruptcy looms

Kevin Spacey was under several sexual assault charges but he was acquitted. However he was still stuck with the bills running into millions which he could not pay. On Piers Morgan’s Uncensored, the House of Cards star broke down in tears after the host asked about his financial condition.

The 59-year-old asked the noted actor about his living situation which had him choked up as he answered, “Well, it’s funny you asked that question, because this week, where I have been living in Baltimore, is being foreclosed on. My house is being sold at auction.”

Legal woes meanwhile still haunt Kevin as he is set to face a civil lawsuit next year but the 64-year-old desperately admitted he has no money to pay the bills which, in turn, he says, makes the bankruptcy chances likely.

“It’s been a couple of times when I thought I was going to file, but we’ve managed to sort of dodge it, at least as of today,” adding, he has no money, “None… I still owe a lot of legal bills that I have not been able to pay.

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In other news – Matt Bomer reveals why he lost out on playing Superman

Matt Bomer, who recently starred in Bradley Cooper’s Maestro, made a shock revelation about Hollywood.

Matt Bomer

For those unversed, the actor was offered the role of the superhero in 2003’s Superman: Flyby, but as per his new claims, he lost the gig due to the industry’s stringent rules. Read more

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