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Paloma Faith makes shocking confession about early career days

Paloma Faith confessed being sexually assaulted in her memoir. The Only Love Can Hurt Like This songstress detailed her sexual assault in her autobiography called, MILF: Motherhood, Identity, Love and F*****.

Getting candid about this traumatic experience, Paloma penned that she was attacked by a stranger when she was coming back to her home after a job late at night. She began, “One day, in my early twenties, I was coming back late at night from a cabaret job I was doing.

“I went into a phone box, very retro, to call my mother, who was always worrying about my safety, and a man kicked the door of the phone box in so I would be trapped and tried to get in it with me,” she also mentioned.

Elaborating further on this incident, she wrote, “He was gripping my chest and groin and telling me to shhh but luckily I had my wits about me, as well as a small wheelie suitcase.

She then revealed that luckily, she found some acquaintances at a nearby shop and they helped her to get rid of the assaulter and reach home safely.

“I picked it up and smashed him round the head with it and ran to a local 24/7 shop where I knew the staff, who helped me,” Paloma disclosed before weighing in on another incident.

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In other news – Home Secretary Yvette Cooper sets out a plan to tackle small boat crossings

Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has set out the first steps towards setting up a UK Border Security Command, which the government hopes will reduce small boat crossings in the English Channel.

Yvette Cooper

Work to recruit an “exceptional leader” to head the body will begin on Monday, with the government preparing a bill to create counter-terror powers aimed at tackling organised immigration crime. Read more

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