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Skilla Baby makes shocking statement against Eminem

Skilla Baby, as a Detroit native himself, has expressed his thoughts on the best rappers from the city which did not include Eminem. The musician joined the This Is Keke Palmer podcast as a guest recently, where he disagreed with the notion that Eminem is the best rapper from Detroit.

“I don’t know because if you think number-wise Eminem is the best Detroit rapper,” Skilla explained. “But the gag is nobody would say that in Detroit.”

Palmer replied in surprise, “Now that’s tea, boo,” before asking him who his “top rappers” are. “I don’t know because everybody had their turn being Detroit’s favorite rapper,” the musician responded.


“Sada Baby had his turn, Tee Grizzley had a turn, Veeze is one of Detroit’s best rappers now. Everybody had their turn being the best in the city, but what we lack is consistency. Nobody’s consistently been Detroit’s best rapper,” he maintained.

“Nobody in Detroit plays Eminem right now,” he said, before adding, “I was an Eminem fan as a kid. I’m a fan of Eminem but do we consider him our best rapper? I don’t think Detroit does.”

Eminem is about to release his 12th studio album, The Death of Slim Shady on July 12.

The album is led by single Houdini, which earned him his highest-charting Hot 100 hit of the decade, as the track debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100

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In other news – Edinburgh Zoo chimpanzee dies after troop fight

A chimpanzee has died at Edinburgh Zoo after it was severely injured in a troop fight. Staff tried to intervene to separate the primates but they were unable to save 31-year-old Rene.

Edinburgh Zoo

A second chimpanzee was also injured during the incident last week and had to be operated on. Read more

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