UK hopes to recoup cash from scrapped Rwanda scheme

The government will be looking carefully at what money can and cannot be recouped after it scrapped the Rwanda deportation scheme, Downing Street has said. A No 10 spokesperson said any savings would be redirected to a new Border Security Command to tackle small boat crossings. The Rwandan government said it had “fully upheld its side of the agreement”.

The Rwanda scheme, which originated under the Conservatives, aimed to deter small boats crossings in the Channel by sending some people who arrived in the UK illegally to the east African country.

However, the plan was stalled by legal challenges and no migrants were sent there before the election.
Under the scheme, the Home Office had agreed to pay money into a fund to support economic growth in Rwanda, as well as providing extra payments to cover the cost of processing and relocating individuals there.
As part of this, the UK had already paid £220m to Rwanda by the end of 2023.

Some future payments, which were tied to the number of individuals relocated there, will no longer be paid.
In a statement, the Rwandan government said: “This partnership was initiated by the government of the UK in order to address the crisis of irregular migration affecting the UK – a problem of the UK, not Rwanda.

“Rwanda has fully upheld its side of the agreement, including with regard to finances, and remains committed to finding solutions to the global migration crisis, including providing safety, dignity and opportunity to refugees and migrants who come to our country.

Earlier this year Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame suggested some money could be returned if no one was sent to the country. The Rwandan government later said it would consider any UK request for refunds but there was “no obligation” to do so.

Source:  BBC

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