Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Abby Lee Miller slammed after revealing she’s attracted to High School football players

Abby Lee Miller, 57, is getting criticism after admitting she’s attracted to high school football players. The former Dance Moms star sat down for an interview on an episode of Sofia Franklyn‘s Sofia with an F podcast, and the conversation eventually turned to a discussion about Tom Cruise‘s high school football character in the 1983 film All the Right Moves.

Abby asked Sofia if she’d seen the film before admitting that those types of guys are her “downfall.”

“Oh, that’s my downfall. I like the high school football players,” Abby said. “I still like them.”

Sofia replied by saying she likes the adult “coaches,” and Abby added, “Not one that used to be in high school but one that is.” The podcast host immediately closed out and ended the episode after the comment.

Shortly after the episode was published, social media users started calling out Abby and criticizing her for admitting she likes high school football players. “Abby Lee Miller’s confession on the ‘Sofia with an F’ podcast certainly raises eyebrows and reminds us that attraction knows no age limits,” one user wrote, while another wrote, “Lock her up for that statement.” A third wrote, “If you’re looking to Abby Lee Miller as a beacon of morality that’s your problem,” and a fourth called her “creepy.”

Abby’s admission and the backlash that came with it comes after she previously opened up about having “high standards” when it comes to a romantic partner. “I have high standards and in my mind,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2017.  “I’m like 22, 23, 24 … that’s like the age.” She also said she feels younger than she is.

Although she’s been single for a while, Abby, who used to work as a dance teacher at her dance company, Abby Lee Dance Company, also said she is interested in finding love someday. “I make decisions all day, so it’s nice for a woman like me to go to dinner and have the man take the menu and say, ‘Let me order. Other women would be offended by that but I’m like, ‘Good. Because I can’t make one more decision today.’ I want someone to rub my feet without being asked,” she said.

In other news – Lindsay Hubbard deleted all pictures of Carl Radke from her Instagram following the split

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard, 37, took to her official Instagram account to completely erase any trace of her ex-fiancé Carl Radke, 38, from the main page after he confirmed that he called off their engagement and nixed their planned wedding. X (Twitter) account Queens of Bravo noticed the glaring dearth of Carl’s posts on Lindsay’s account on Monday, September 11, and called it out via the platform.

Lindsay’s IG cleanse comes the same day that her former husband-to-be confirmed via PEOPLE that the wedding is off and the relationship is over. “Words cannot possibly express how difficult the last two weeks have been for Lindsay and me,” he wrote in a letter obtained by the outlet. “We are so incredibly sorry to all of our guests for the confusion and lack of communication. We were left trying to figure out how this all exactly happened before we could even have the opportunity to determine the path forward amongst ourselves.” Read More

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