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Nadia Nakai spills the beans on AKA’s hidden secret about the necklace that protected him

South African rapper, Nadia Nakai has unveiled AKA’s hidden secret about the necklace that kept him safe until he took it off.

Nadia shocked many fans, as some were unsure of the necklace’s power on Facebook. However, The truth is that AKA always wore that necklace and believed it protected him.

He even told her girlfriend Nadia Nakai that he would always be wearing it and would never take it off saying.

“look babe, l never take off my necklace”


Nadia Nakai shared the AKA’s secret on Instagram stories, and fans quickly took screenshots. Some fans believed that AKA must have been using juju to improve his career.

This notion was cemented by the fact that the only day he left his necklace was when he was shot dead. Despite all this, Nadia said she would always wear AKA’s necklace for protection.

She is so hopeful that the necklace would also be able to keep her safe as it did, AKA whenever he wore it.

Nadia Nakai

Looking back at most of AKA’s Instagram pictures, he always wore this necklace. Even when he went on holiday to Los Angeles, he wore it, which made Nadia Nakai disclose the truth.

Before he had this necklace, AKA had another necklace he used to wear, but he started wearing this one day before his death. Whether or not this is a coincidence, we may not get to know it, but Nadia believes it protected him.

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