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Cardi B compliments Offset’s cooking skills

Cardi B cooks up some magic in the recording studio, but leaves the kitchen to Offset. “I could cook but it’s just certain things I just don’t like to do,” Cardi, 31, tells PEOPLE when discussing the latest collaboration with Whipshots and Patti LaBelle’s food line, Patti’s Good Life.

“I’m very impatient,” she adds, explaining that’s the reason why she doesn’t like every step of cooking. Fortunately, her husband can step in.

“He makes a mean breakfast,” she says of the Migos rapper. “He can cook a little something something.”

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The couple’s kitchen dynamic came up when the “Bodak Yellow” rapper and LaBelle spoke with PEOPLE about a seasonal partnership between the pair’s two dessert products — Whipshots alcoholic whipped cream and Patti’s Good Life pies.

The musicians are joining forces with their food brands to get in the holiday spirit with a social campaign starting Nov. 9. PEOPLE revealed the exclusive first-look on Nov. 8. In the teaser and first episode, LaBelle and Cardi bring sweet potato pie and pumpkin spice whipped cream together at their holiday meals. Fans can recreate the seasonal magic for themselves by heading to Walmart where Whipshots and Patti’s Good Life pies are both available for purchase.

When talking about what else LaBelle and Cardi are planning to serve for Thanksgiving, the Grammy winners had different plans.

Cardi B and Offset

“My Thanksgiving is always everybody at the table, telling what they’re thankful for and we just go on and eat,” the “If You Only Knew” singer said. “I love to cook and every year I realize how blessed I am to be able to have food.”

Cardi explains that her Thanksgiving plans change each year as she, Offset and their kids, Kulture Kiari, 5, and Wave Set, 2, alternate between Cardi’s New York-based family and her “real down South” husband’s family. No matter which part of the country they are visiting, the rapper says she doesn’t man the kitchen.

“They don’t trust me yet,” Cardi jokes of her family’s opinion on her cooking.

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