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Jon Hamm Talks About His Struggle With Depression

Jon Hamm seemingly had a lot on his plate around New Year’s Eve, and his semi-annual marriage anniversary with Anna Osceola was one of them. In his recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Mad Men alum weighed in on his marital life with Osceola. “It’s exciting, you know, it’s very nice,” the 52-year-old actor gushed.

He added, “We had our six-month anniversary on Christmas Eve, so that was sort of nice. It makes it easier to remember. As fans will know, The Town actor and the Superhero Movie actress tied the knot last year in June.

However, the American actor professed that he forgot this special day of their newlywed life due to his various career engagements.

The star remarked, “There was a lot going on, it was Christmas Eve,” before noting that he was so caught up during that period that he forgot many of his new projects, which included Fargo, Mean Girls, and the latest season of The Morning Show. I forgot I did all this actually, it was one of those things, you know?” he joked.

Hamm went on to continue and said, “We shot it all last year and it had to come out at some point so now it’s all coming out, but I’m very excited to see it.” I haven’t seen [Mean Girls] yet so, very excited to see it!” he concluded.

Source: People

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