Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Keke Palmer granted restraining order from ex

Security camera images allegedly showing Keke Palmer’s ex-boyfriend, Darius Jackson, abusing her might have played a part in granting her full custody of their son and a restraining order.

Keke Palmer filed a restraining order against her ex on Wednesday and sought full custody of their eight-month-old son, Leodis Andrellton Jackson. The restraining order allegedly claimed she faced “many instances of physical violence” as recently as this past Sunday.

As part of her request for the court, she submitted security camera footage from her house. Images from the video allegedly showed him attacking her on her couch and on the stairs.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Keke claimed that some of the footage was recorded in February 2022 and showed Darius “chok[ing] me and body slamm[ing] me onto the stairs.” Reportedly she said that he flew into a rage and was “violently jealous and irrationally angry over a bikini picture.”

She allegedly showed the bikini picture to only him, as she wanted to show off her “workout results.” The 30-year-old actress said: “I simply showed it to him on my phone as I was proud of what I had accomplished.”

Keke claimed that he was “enraged” and abused her for two days after that, some of which was shown in the security footage. On Friday, a temporary restraining order and custody was granted until December 5, when there will be a court hearing.

Keke’s mum, Sharon, slammed Darius and his brother Sarunas in a video on her social media. “Look I’ve never done anything like this been in this business for 22 years, I’ve seen a lot of stuff, but this is, this is, I can’t help myself,” she said.

“For Sarunas Jackson to post on his Twitter the ridiculous stuff that he’s posting when he knew his brother was abusive,” she continued, “I went to Sarunas’ over a year ago and told him that his brother was abusive to my daughter and he said: ‘Oh well I used to be like that too. ‘ What? So now he’s posting on Twitter like he’s this special guy but we know he’s the biggest f**kboy in Hollywood, he’s disrespectful to women just like his little brother. He taught his brother how to be abuse so he don’t get to act like he’s a special guy no you’re a f**kboy and you’re a part of the problem.”

Darius first raised some red flags about his relationship with Keke when he took to social media to shame her outfit choice when she went to see Usher at his residency in Las Vegas.

In other news – Actor Barton Cowperthwaite diagnosed with brain tumor

Barton Cowperthwaite has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. On Friday, the 31-year-old actor and ballet dancer took to Instagram to reveal that doctors have found “a fairly decent sized brain tumor,” which is “at least a stage 2 Glioma.”

Per Mayo Clinic, “As a glioma grows it forms a mass of cells called a tumor. The tumor can grow to press on brain or spinal cord tissue and cause symptoms” including headache, nausea, confusion, memory loss, personality changes, vision problems, speech difficulty and seizures. Read More

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