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Kristen Stewart threatens to quit Hollywood

Kristen Stewart has threatened to quit Hollywood if she fails to secure funding to get her directorial debut off the ground. The ‘Twilight’ star is hoping to step behind the camera to make her first movie as a director but she has yet to secure a deal to bring ‘The Chronology of Water’ to the big screen – and Stewart has now declared she’s not going work in the business again until she finds support for the film.

Speaking to Variety ahead of the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, she explained: “I’m going to make this movie before I ever work for someone else.

“Yeah, I will quit the … business. I won’t make [another] movie until I make this movie. I will tell you that, for sure. I think that will get things going.”

Stewart went on to reveal she broke down in tears while working on her plans for the film, and she’s really hoping the project comes together during her time at Sundance.

She added: “I feel like I could walk through a wall right now because – I’m going to tip my hand, because that’s what I do – I just scouted this movie, and I saw places, and people, and faces, and locations that opened themselves up to me and didn’t have big no’s on them, and I was just bawling the entire time. “I can’t wait to go to … Sundance. I can’t wait to make my movie.”

Stewart was honoured with the Visionary Award during the film festival’s opening night gala on Thursday night while director Christopher Nolan was handed the Inaugural Sundance Institute Trailblazer Award. She opened up about the honour to Variety, saying: “When I saw that I was being given the visionary award I was like, ‘What a word!’

“As an actor, you’re not often glorified for your vision. You fit into other people’s visions and service their efforts and their endeavours and the messages they want to get across.

“Actors feel like little soldiers for other people’s causes. Coming to this festival and continuing that march, it’s a truly … it’s the apex of where you want to get. If you make an indie … movie in America and you get to go to Sundance, you’ve arrived. That’s the goal.”

The festival runs from January 18–28 in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah and will feature premiers of two of Stewart’s upcoming movies ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ and ‘Love Me’.

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