Thursday, September 21, 2023

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Lynn Forbes honoured to receive AKA’s award at the DSTV Content Creator Awards

Lynn Forbes was at the DSTV Content Creator Awards on Saturday, to receive the award won by her late son, Kiernan AKA Forbes. The rapper won the Song of the Year category with his single, Lemons (Lemonade).

Taking to Instagram, she shared a video of herself receiving the award; she captioned the post with a lengthy note about her late son’s legacy.

“As I reflect on the last 7 months since Kiernan’s tragic death, I’m left with the following thoughts: As a mother, I believe Kiernan was not of this world. He was bigger than this world. He lived large, loved large, and expressed himself … large.”

“I knew my son in life but in death, he is teaching me deeper, more meaningful things about his life and who he was as a person. Kiernan is written into history. My son is a legend and he will live forever. His legacy will never end. Human beings are flawed, we are not perfect and neither is he. As a mother, I acknowledge and accept his flaws. Simultaneously I celebrate his life and the profound contribution he has made to this world.”

“How Kiernan has been honored, in the months following his death, speaks volumes. The recognition, tributes, and pouring out of love is bigger than his talent as an artist, it’s a reflection of the human being he was, the impact he made, and the legacy he created. It is my duty, privilege, and purpose to preserve his legacy for his daughter Kairo and the Legacy. Today I feel blessed that he chose me to be his mom. I am a proud mother with a very grateful heart.”

In other news – Calvin Harris and Radio Host Vick Hope got married in Northeast England

On Saturday, the British DJ and music producer, 39, married Radio 1 host Vick Hope, 33, a source close to the couple confirms to PEOPLE.

After getting engaged last spring, Harris and Hope tied the knot over the weekend in northeast England. The wedding reception was held in a tent decorated with lavish greens and florals on the sprawling grounds of Hulne Priory, Alnwick, Northumberland, while the ceremony took place outdoors. Read More

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