Munashe Muchineripi fingered in CoS Fraud by Angel and Star Care Services Ltd

Munashe Muchineripi was implicated in fraudulent activities by Angel and Star Care Services Ltd and is one of the many conmen robbing people who are looking for a way to work in the UK. Zimbabweans have been trying by all means to get jobs and sponsorship in the United Kingdom, this is no easy journey. Gone are the day when one is hired on merit, these days you are employed by how much you can spend to buy sponsorship into the United Kingdom.

With so many loopholes in the system, fraudsters have emerged and will entice people in Zimbabwe with promises of sponsorship to get a United Kingdom Visa. So it is no surprise that one of the culprits has been caught and exposed on social media. A man named Munashe Muchineripi was exposed for defrauding people in Zimbabwe of their hard-earned cash with promises of Certificates of Sponsorship into the United Kingdom.

Munashe Muchineripi

Munashe Muchineripi is said to reside in Bolton was seen on video reading and signing a statement. According to the video, Munashe Muchineripi has been using a company called Angel and Star Care to lure people who wanted these certificates of sponsorships (CoS) and then defraud them. We are not sure how much he was charging for these CoS but we hear prices range from around £3000 to around £10 000.

Below is a video that we saw that was exposing Munashe Muchineripi and it had a statement attached to it: That’s Munashe Muchineripi, he has been using our company Angel and Star Care, to steal money and scam people that want to come to the UK via COS, today I met up with him and he did agree that he has been scamming people using our name and sorry to those that believed him and thank you to those that didn’t get scammed and reported him to us.

Personally, I am wondering why Angel and Star Care Services decided to make him sign that statement and not involve the authorities. Maybe it’s just me but it raises suspicions if you just let someone who was stealing from people using your name walk free. Anyways that is just me!

Be very careful who you deal with online so as to avoid people like Munashe Muchineripi who are conning people every day with promises of Certificates of Sponsorship to the United Kingdom.

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