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SA gospel artist Solly Moholo opens up about attempts to take his life

Solly Moholo says he’s often thought of taking his own life. The gospel star revealed this during a candid interview on The Venting Podcast. In a recent episode, Solly recalled being depressed when he stopped getting gigs after the release of his last album in 2017.

When asked if he had ever thought of taking his own life, Solly responded: “Several times.”

“I spent a lot of time being isolated. It was not really happening. I was watching television a lot. Things became heavy. I’m not a pretender. Things were not coming together. I didn’t even get visitors. I was feeling isolated. Shows were not there,” he said.

Solly admitted he had once put Rattex in his mouth but spat it out.

“I wanted to eat Rattex. I once saw these other guys and wanted them to lend me a gun to shoot myself. It was hard.”

Lady Du also recently revealed she tried taking her life three years ago.

“This young lady here and her sister saved my life. I was literally going through a lot in life. I became a coward. The reason I praise God every single day of my life and I live such a simple life is because I was given a second chance. In that second chance God showed up personally and changed my whole life. One thing I take pride in doing is thanking people that played a part in my life. She now runs my business. It’s nothing compared to what she did for me but may God continue to bless her,” she wrote about the woman who saved her life.

“Lesson of life, when you feel like everything is falling apart that’s when God is at work. If I came out strong you can pull yourself out of it and let God direct you. The devil is always waiting to find you weak. I say this every single day I live to serve God and no-one else. I thank God every single day for saving my life. I wouldn’t be here doing such great things. I’m living my purpose and that’s the biggest gift.”

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The actor was found unresponsive by emergency personnel, who performed CPR and defibrillation in an attempt to save Gail, according to the spokesperson. However, their efforts were unsuccessful and Gail was placed on life support for several days before he was pronounced dead on Jan. 16. Read More

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