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Victoria Beckham nervous to turn 50 before David

Victoria Beckham is reportedly “freaking out” as she approaches her 50th birthday while her husband, David Beckham, will turn 49 in May. According to Heat Magazine, after the singer-turned-fashion-designer friend and former Spice Girls band mate, Mel C, celebrated her 50th birthday, it made Victoria “nervous” about her own.

Explaining her feelings, the insider said the bash “made Vic feel a strange sense of panic.” However, her pals tell her “it’s totally normal to feel that way ahead of a milestone like number 50.” The year 2024 brings a lot of celebrations of the Beckham clan as the power couple is also set to mark their 25th wedding anniversary in May. It is reported that the duo will renew their wedding vows.

However, Victoria is stressed over her birthday. They said, “She’s been leaning towards throwing a massive A-list bash, but she’s worried that it might come across as tacky and she should be going more low-key.

David and Victoria Beckham

“The last thing she wants is to feel judged on her birthday,” the insider added. “At the same time, she’s annoyed that she’s approaching 50 and still worrying about what people think. She’s tired of obsessing over what she should do and just wants to forget about it for now. She has been asking David to go on dinner dates and nights out, just so she’s not at home thinking about it.”

The source went on to add that Victoria has been fighting her insecurities since her early teens, adding, that the “milestone birthday has brought back all those insecurities from the past.

“She’s telling herself that maybe she’ll feel differently closer to the date, but she knows it won’t organise itself and has to make some decisions soon. The whole thing feels like a ticking clock and it’s really freaking her out.

Source: People

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