New EU fishing permits in Jersey to measure extent of activity

Permits which measure the type and amount of fishing activity that EU vessels undertake in Jersey waters will be implemented from 1 February. The “extent and nature” fishing licence permits are being introduced following “extensive discussions” with the EU, France and UK.

The government said the licenses would allow a “stable and predictable fishing relationship” with regional partners. Deputy Jonathan Renouf said the States would give “necessary flexibility”.

Environment Minister Deputy Renouf said: “These permits are designed to implement the access provisions in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), ensuring that our EU colleagues, who have a track-record of fishing in Jersey waters, can continue to do so.

“The permits will also contribute to the sustainable management of fishing activity in our waters.
The government said fisheries provisions dealing with specific access arrangements for Jersey waters in the TCA would allow new controls on EU fishing activity and would “reflect the fishing activity in the three years just before the UK left the EU”. The permits will be attached to 136 permanent licences issued to EU vessels when renewed on 1 February.

“The implementation and monitoring of permits for all vessels fishing in Jersey waters is of critical importance to our marine environment and the preservation of our fish stocks,” Mr Renouf said. He added support would be provided to Jersey fishermen as part of the Maritime Sector Support Scheme.

External Relations Minister Philip Ozouf said the Jersey and French fishing communities could now “look to the future” and Jersey was “committed to working closely with our French colleagues on maritime matters, which is of great economic and cultural importance to us both”.

“There are other issues which we are in discussions with the French authorities on, to further improve the viability and sustainability of both Jersey and French fisheries,” he said.

Source:  BBC

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