“Blood and Water” season 4 production has begun

Blood and Water season 4 production has begun. Early this year, it was announced that the Netflix series has been renewed for the 4th season.

“Blood & Water renewed for Season 4 Sources have informed me that the popular Netflix show is currently in the contract signing phase of the new season Production will likely start in May,” Phil Mphela wrote.

Netflix revealed the production is underway as it shared a video clip of some of the cast members in their school uniform.

In other news – Kim Kardashian plan to set Khloe up with Michele Morrone

Kim Kardashian was busy preparing for her fashion show with Dolce & Gabbana on the June 15 episode of The Kardashians, but she also took some time out to play matchmaker for her sister, Khloe Kardashian. “At lunch, Domenico goes to me, ‘Oh my God, you’re never going to believe who I invited to sit next to Khloe — the actor Michele Morrone!” Kim told her friends in the episode. Then, she filled viewers in on the backstory behind the situation.

“So Natalie and Olivia [Pierson] for maybe eight months have been like, ‘You have to watch this show on Netflix.’ I think it’s called 365 [Days] or something,” Kim shared. “It’s this super romantic, hot, sexual show. [They’re like], ‘Oh my God, this is the guy. This is the guy.’ He’s, like, the hottest guy.” As she was dishing on how “hot” Michele is, Kim got so flustered that she forgot what question the producer even asked her about the situation.Read More

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