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Bobbie Jean Carter arrested for allegedly stealing stickers and markers

Nick and the late Aaron Carter’s sister Bobbie Jean was arrested in Florida over the weekend after she allegedly stole stickers and markers from a Hobby Lobby. She was later allegedly found to have drugs on her person.

Bobbie Jean, 41, was arrested Saturday in Hernando County and charged with one count of retail theft and possession of fentanyl. Authorities were called after she allegedly stole six items from Hobby Lobby totaling $55.32, per the arrest report obtained by PEOPLE.

According to the report, the Hobby Lobby loss prevention team said they saw Bobbie Jean taking markers off the shelf, placing them into her purse, and walking out of the store without paying on their surveillance camera.

When the sheriff’s deputies took her into the store’s loss prevention office, they claimed Bobbie Jean “grabbed her purse in panic, removing a powder blue container and tossing it underneath the LP (loss prevention) desk.”

The container had 1.3 grams of white powder and 0.8 grams of purple powder. Both powders later tested positive for the presence of fentanyl, according to the police report.

Bobbie Jean was then placed in custody. On her way to be processed at the county jail, she was threatening to hurt herself, leading the staff to be notified and Bobbie Jean to be admitted under suicide watch.

She was placed on a $500 bond for the retail theft misdemeanor and is due in court on July 10, as well as a $2,000 bond for the felony possession of a controlled substance charge, for which she is due in court on July 13.

Bobbie Jean’s arrest comes one month after her mother Jane Schneck was arrested and booked on one count of “domestic battery,” which stemmed from an alleged altercation over the volume of the TV, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Schneck, 64, got into an argument with a male in her home over the sound of the television when he wanted to go to sleep. Both had allegedly been drinking, according to the sheriff’s office. TMZ reported the man was her husband.

What started as a verbal dispute escalated into a physical altercation when Schneck allegedly grabbed her husband’s wrist while trying to get the remote, which authorities told PEOPLE reached the level of domestic battery.

During the altercation, her husband took a video of the dispute, which he showed to deputies before Schneck’s arrest. She has since been released on a $100 bond.

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