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Jessica White says dating Nick Cannon was ‘emotionally abusive

Model Jessica White said she was in an “emotionally abusive” relationship with the TV star during their long-term romance.

“I went through an emotionally abusive relationship, and everybody goes through it,” she told Page Six in an exclusive interview.

“I am just the first person in Hollywood to talk about it, and not try to make a pretty picture of it. I don’t want to be perfect,” she added.

The former Victoria’s Secret runway model reportedly dated the “Wild ‘N Out” creator and host from 2015 to 2020, though she said they were together for eight years.

White, 38, also recently revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in 2020 when she was pregnant by Cannon, 42. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked back in 2021, White alleged that she found out about another woman’s pregnancy via Instagram while they were still together.

“I was going through still my hormonal changes, and we were about to start in vitro,” she said at the time. “So when I came out, people thought I was this homewrecker. No, there was a real-life going on. I was bullied for months with that whole situation. I still tried to be nice about it. We didn’t break up right away, we tried to work things out.”

Cannon has famously been a father of 12 children.

White, a former face of Maybelline, walked the “blue carpet” at the premiere of rapper French Montana’s new documentary, “For Khadija,” at the Tribeca Festival on Friday.

The New York native who stars in the new season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” recently posted a lengthy Instagram message seemingly directed towards Cannon.

Said the message, in part: “I wanted it to work, prayed every day that you’d see me and love me the way that I loved you. Maybe you did but just kept it from me during the relationship. I walked away with more questions than anything, I don’t know till this day really why current things had to happen.”

White told us that she later regretted posting the message publicly, because, “I should have saved it for the f–king book.”

“I probably regret that [because] I should have saved it for the f–king book, and got paid for it,” she said.

She also revealed, “I am writing a book,” but said her chapter on Cannon, “would be very short… I think if you put it in a book, he would be half a chapter. A half a chapter is still too long.” She added she’s never getting back together with Cannon.

“I am not ever going back and that’s the facts,” she said. “I am having so much fun without him, and I am better without him, and I don’t need all that energy and all that s–t. I am done.”

White also told us that she is looking for “the right man” and wants to have a baby.

“I am going to try, but with the right man this time,” she said. “I am putting myself out there. Part of my healing process is not sitting back and waiting to be fully healed… nobody ever really is. I can’t wait to make love and have a baby soon. Oh yeah, I am all for it.”

She also said, “I am so tired of talking about Nick — I am done. Please post that… I am so tired of talking about Nick Cannon. I really want to move past this because I don’t want the next guy to come in and think that he is competing with that energy, because he isn’t. I am over it. I just want to go into the world and have people see me and ask me questions outside of him at this point.”

Cannon’s team did not get back to us for comment.

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