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70 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas To Earn Extra Money

Earning extra money can help you pay off loans, buy a luxury item or increase your savings. Engaging in a side hustle allows you to earn extra money using your skills and talents in a way that fits your schedule. You can work side jobs locally or from the comfort of your own home.

In this article, we discuss what a lucrative side hustle is and list 70 positions and ideas you can pursue to help increase your income.

What makes a side hustle lucrative?

A side hustle is a term people use to describe a second job or additional source of income outside of a traditional salary or career. Working a side hustle can also provide a way for you to make money from interests, hobbies, skills and talents that you may not use at your regular job. A lucrative side hustle is one where you may be able to make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Though the definition of a lot of money may be different for each person, generally, a lucrative side hustle can help you earn between $500 and $1,000 in extra pay per month. How much you can make from your side hustle may depend on your skills, the current market, the number of clients you accept or the hours you work on your projects.


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20 lucrative side hustles

Here are 20 lucrative side hustles that can help you earn extra money to increase your monthly income. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link.

1. Tour guide

National average salary: $1,986 per month

Primary duties: Tour guides lead groups of visitors or tourists on guided journeys through towns, cities and museums. They learn and share information about the history of places, art or artifacts to enhance the experience of their tour group. Tour guides may work part time, weekends or during specific seasons, like spring or summer. They may also earn additional tips along with their regular pay.

2. Coach

National average salary: $2,093 per month

Primary duties: Coaches instruct people on how to play a sport. Many part-time coaches work with children’s athletic groups, high school teams and college clubs. In addition to leading their teams on game days, coaches may also hold practice and conditioning sessions, create plays, schedule games or perform recruiting and scouting operations.

3. Life coach

National average salary: $2,305 per month

Primary duties: A life coach is a person who helps others understand their true wants and desires and how to achieve them. They can help people set goals, recognize obstacles to success and create strategies for achieving personal fulfillment. Life coaches can help people become successful in finances, education, relationships or other areas where they’d like to improve. Sometimes, life coaches give referrals to licensed professionals to help with more in-depth cases.

4. Automotive detailer

National average salary: $2,343 per month

Primary duties: Automotive detailers wash, wax and buff vehicles to clean them and make them look new and refreshed. Detailers work both inside and outside a vehicle to clean things like carpets, windows and seats, besides giving a traditional wash. They use the proper tools and cleaning supplies for each car to get the best results for the vehicle’s paint, trim and interior types.

5. Delivery person

National average salary$2,369 per month

Primary duties: A delivery person transports items from one place to another, typically things like food, groceries, medicine, dry cleaning or other goods. They may work for specific businesses or for delivery companies that service a variety of stores. Delivery people may load and unload their own cargo, drive and park safely to make deliveries and accept payment from customers. They can also make tips in addition to their pay.

6. Notary public

National average salary: $2,406 per month

Primary duties: A notary public is a person who serves as a witness for legal proceedings. Common-law notaries don’t have to be lawyers. For this reason, they don’t offer legal advice or counsel, but they can help prevent fraud and verify the authenticity of documents or processes. They can witness the signature of documents, certify documents, and administer oaths.

7. Copy editor

National average salary: $2,451 per month

Primary duties: Copy editors read other people’s written work and make corrections for tone, grammar and style. Some editors may choose to freelance and find their own clients while others can work for news outlets, publishing houses or marketing firms. Part-time copy editors may review both fiction and nonfiction pieces on a variety of topics and provide recommendations for revisions.

8. Interior decorator

National average salary: $2,517 per month

Primary duties: Interior decorators work with clients to establish and achieve an aesthetic in a home or business. They choose paint colors, textiles, furniture and accessories to coordinate a room, house or office space. Typically, interior decorators talk with their clients to learn about their style preferences before getting a budget and purchasing materials and fixtures. Some decorators not only curate but also create features for their spaces, such as sewing curtains, reupholstering furniture or designing rugs, blankets or pillows.

9. Housekeeper

National average salary: $2,529 per month

Primary duties: Housekeepers clean and organize spaces within a home. They may vacuum floors, empty the trash, dust, sweep, mop, do dishes and do laundry. They can also provide additional services to streamline household processes such as organizing closets, providing budgeting help and providing elderly or childcare services. Some housekeepers may work for office buildings or within the service and hospitality industry.

10. Dog walker

National average salary: $2,538 per month

Primary duties: Dog walkers take care of animals while their owners are at work or away from home. They follow pre-approved routes and schedules for an animal’s exercise routine. They may also provide food and water and dispose of animal waste. Sometimes, dog walkers play with or provide companionship to animals in place of their owners. They may also give medicine or transport dogs to the vet in an emergency.

11. Pet groomer

National average salary: $2,564 per month

Primary duties: Pet groomers provide cleaning and styling services for animals. They give baths to animals and cut and style fur. They can also clip nails, clean teeth and clean ears for different pets. Groomers may work for kennels, pet stores or private grooming businesses. They may also work freelance either from one location or travel to meet with clients at their residences.

12. Personal trainer

National average salary: $2,568 per month

Primary duties: Personal trainers teach people how to improve their physical fitness and use gym equipment. They use training techniques and skills to enhance exercise routines and develop personalized plans for their clients. They may offer motivation and advice, create meal plans or suggest diet guidelines.

13. Blogger

National average salary: $2,626 per month

Primary duties: A blogger writes articles for a client based on a chosen topic to provide relevant content for a specific audience. They may work for specific companies, take freelance jobs for a variety of blogs or start and monetize their own blog. Bloggers may have the opportunity to forge partnerships and sponsorships with a variety of organizations to increase their reach and potentially their income.

14. Personal shopper

National average salary: $2,810 per month

Primary duties: Personal shoppers are people who provide shopping services for others, such as the elderly or homebound. They’re often given a list of guidelines or items to purchase and a budget. They may work in any industry that involves shopping, such as housewares, clothing, groceries, medicine, technology or furniture. Sometimes, personal shoppers also provide housekeeping, babysitting services or elderly care for clients.

15. Brand ambassador

National average salary: $2,820 per month

Primary duties: Brand ambassadors, also called affiliate marketers, earn a commission for marketing a company’s products. They typically promote items and services on a blog, on social media or in a video. They share coupon codes with others and get a part of the sales anytime someone purchases with their code. Sometimes, brand ambassadors may receive compensation through free products or other forms of payment besides money.

16. Driving instructor

National average salary: $2,862 per month

Primary duties: Driving instructors teach people how to operate and drive vehicles safely. They often work with teenagers but can instruct anyone over the legal driving age. They may teach the rules of the road and practical skills such as parallel parking. Some instructors may specialize in teaching students how to drive a certain type of vehicle. Driving instructors also teach learners to drive in specific road conditions such as inclement weather.

17. Photographer

National average salary: $3,027 per month

Primary duties: Photographers capture images for a variety of purposes. They may specialize in certain areas such as wedding or engagement photography. Some photographers choose to capture subjects that interest them and sell their prints at craft shows, markets or online as stock photos.

18. Nanny or babysitter

National average salary: $3,057 per month

Primary duties: Nannies and babysitters watch children for their parents or guardians. They may provide these services during regular work hours, in the evenings or on weekends. Nannies are often responsible for providing meals and entertainment, changing clothes, giving baths and following bedtime routines. Some nannies also engage in housekeeping tasks such as doing laundry, cleaning or grocery shopping.

19. Travel consultant

National average salary: $3,098 per month

Primary duties: Travel consultants coordinate and book trips and vacations for businesses, groups and individuals. They provide recommendations about destinations and help people get better rates for travel. They’re different from travel agents because they focus on a client’s wants and needs rather than making a profit for a specific company.

20. Social media manager

National average salary: $3,231 per month

Primary duties: Social media managers create and curate content for a business or individual’s social media channels. They adhere to the client’s voice and style guidelines in each post. They also respond to comments, answer questions and interact with followers and other users to build brand development and loyalty.

50 more lucrative side hustles

Here are 50 more opportunities to create a lucrative side hustle and increase your monthly income:

  1. Website designer

  2. Logo creator for small businesses

  3. Foreign language teacher

  4. SEO specialist

  5. Tutor

  6. Virtual assistant

  7. E-book author

  8. Social media influencer

  9. Music teacher

  10. Model

  11. E-commerce website

  12. Rent rooms or space for accommodation-letting services

  13. Dropshipping business

  14. Print-on-demand store

  15. Paid online course creator

  16. Mystery shopper

  17. Audiobook producer

  18. Marketing focus groups

  19. Darage sale

  20. Video tutorial creator

  21. Food truck operator

  22. Freelance resume and cover letter writer

  23. Movie or TV extra actor

  24. House sitter

  25. Investment strategist

  26. App designer

  27. Rent your car to ride-sharing services

  28. Ride-share service driver

  29. Concert or event ticket reseller

  30. Domain reseller

  31. E-commerce websites

  32. Podcaster

  33. Website tester

  34. Dating consultant

  35. Peer-to-peer lender

  36. Car flipper

  37. Tax preparer

  38. Freelance graphic designer

  39. Lifeguard

  40. Online surveys

  41. Party planning business

  42. Swimming pool cleaner

  43. Carpet cleaner

  44. Home baking business

  45. Technology repair service

  46. Real estate agent

  47. Doula

  48. Disc jockey

  49. Handy person

  50. Home inspector




70 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas To Earn Extra Money
70 Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas To Earn Extra Money

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