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Emmy-winning reporter Arnold Diaz dies from cancer

Emmy-winning investigative reporter Arnold Diaz has died aged 74, his son has confirmed. Diaz, who was best known for his Shame on You segments passed away on Tuesday and had suffered from multiple myeloma.

His son Alex confirmed his dad’s passing to the Daily Beast on Thursday. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer that develops in plasma cells in the bone marrow, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation states.

Throughout his lengthy and established career, Diaz was awarded a number of prestigious awards. He won 48 New York Emmys over the years during his time on CBS2, Fox 5, ABC7 and PIX11.

Prior to his retirement last year, he said: “I’ve been lucky to have had a dream job, standing up for the little guy, sticking it to the bad guys. In a town where money talks, my ‘Shame on You’ reports, later called ‘Shame Shame Shame’ and ‘What a Shame!,’ gave voice to victims whose complaints were too often ignored.”

He continued: “Complaints about lousy landlords, greedy businesses, incompetent government agencies. The liars, cheats and con artists were rarely punished. But we tracked them down, confronted them on camera, a public shaming that often resulted in victims’ problems being resolved.”

The segment saw him stand up for the average Joe New Yorker and was once described by Turner Classic Movies as a show in which he would “track down and confront con artists and other unscrupulous individuals who are accused of lying, cheating, stealing and abusing the system while taking advantage of unsuspecting victims”.

Fans were quick to take to social media to pay their respects. On X, formerly known as Twitter, one user shared an old image of Diaz and simply wrote: “I always enjoyed Arnold Diaz, so sad to hear.”

Another penned: “Sad to hear about Arnold Diaz. He was a good person and I talked to him about a lot of stories over the years. He took his role as advocate very seriously and did it well.”

And a third said: “Arnold Diaz stood up for the common man for years with his investigative reporting. May he be remembered as a journalist who stood up to bullies to get results for those who felt powerless.”

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