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Khuli Chana vows to never quit music

Khuli Chana says he has no intention of retiring from the music scene as it is his calling. In an interview on 947, the rapper said he previously attempted to plan an exit strategy, venturing outside the entertainment space, revealing he had been scammed.

“I started to jump into other ventures and try to invest. I’ve been scammed. I’ve had a lot of failed ventures, you learn from that because I started becoming desperate. I got to a point where I was like I needed to start working on my exit strategy.”

Khuli said while he might take time in between, he knows music is his lifelong pursuit.

“Music is my true calling and every three years or so I want to put out a statement about how I’m retiring and it keeps calling me back. That statement is on ice, I will never retire. I think I will retire when there’s no music left in [me] and [I] do not even need to make an announcement for something like that.”

Khuli has had moments of disappearing from the spotlight to focus on other interests.

When speaking to The Plug magazine in 2019, the rapper said he had wanted to get into corporate.

“I wasn’t aware that I’ve been away for so long. Because I was also making other moves. So in this gap, maybe I became a little ‘corporaty’. I found a new hustle and I also found, I also discovered, that there’s life after music,” he said.

In other news – Emmy-winning reporter Arnold Diaz dies from cancer

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