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Nichole Coats’ cause of death revealed

The model, 32, was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment Sept. 10. At the time, authorities classified her death as “suspicious” and said they were “investigating all avenues.”

Now, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has ruled her cause of death as cocaine and ethanol (drinking alcohol) toxicity. No other causes were listed, and her death was ruled an accident. The case is still listed as open.

Using cocaine and alcohol together “can be dangerous,” according to the American Addiction Centers, with the combination “causing cardiotoxic effects and increasing an individual’s risk of a potentially fatal overdose.”

Coats’ body was discovered last month by her father and aunt, who came to check on her after they didn’t hear from the model for a few days, according to local outlet KTLA.

“I couldn’t recognize her,” her aunt May Stevens shared at the time. “I believe it was murder, I really do. One of her legs was up in the air in a kicking position. That’s not somebody who just laid in their bed and died.”

Coats’ mother Sharon Coats—who further noted that her daughter’s bed was bloodied—spoke out on her grief as well.

“This is senseless and I want some answers because my daughter is gone,” her mom told KTLA. “And it’s not fair. I want everybody to find out who did this to her. She shouldn’t be gone.”

The investigation drew additional attention two days later when fellow model Maleesa Mooney was also found dead in her downtown Los Angeles apartment. The 31-year-old’s death was investigated as a homicide, with her cause of death being revealed as homicidal violence.

Police told E! News Sept. 19 that they had not verified whether the cases were connected, but said the next day that there is “no evidence to suggest that the deaths of Ms. Coats and Ms. Mooney are related to one another.”


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