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Toya Delazy celebrates one year of being sober

Toya Delazy survives a year without alcohol. Taking to social media, the singer revealed she started taking alcohol at a very young age, 17.

However, she has successfully stayed a year without consuming alcoholic drinks.

“I never forgot that feeling of numbness and power, and as problems came with life, the more I saw alcohol as a friend. Becoming an artist really exposed me to the hedonism I wanted after being in suffocating institutions. Booze felt like the solution to everything, and I went in HARD, even though I really was a lightweight.

“When I eventually broke into the South African music scene that is where I really dove into booze. It was free & the entire industry thrived on alcohol consumption. It felt like the higher the price, the cooler you were. I’m talking radio ads, music videos, clubbing, gigs, every single link-up involved alcohol, and I fell hard for it.”

Toya opened up on how alcohol almost destroyed her, and how she eventually got saved.

“Each time I drank, everything would escalate very quickly. There would come a time where I would leave my body and the spirit of pain would consume me and I would become very sad, angry and eventually, suicidal.

“In 2022 I found a community which supported me and a counsellor I had to call every day for a month. It was a difficult transition as all the emotions that had been swept under the rug stood in a towering heap and I had to deal with it SOBER.”

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