Dababy’s Zimbabwe show cancelled

Roar Entertainment has canceled the American rapper Dababy’s concert which was scheduled for the 17th of November. In a statement, they wrote:

Roar Entertainment, one of Zimbabwe’s leading entertainment companies, regrets to announce the cancellation of the highly anticipated Dababy concert, originally scheduled to take place on November 17, 2023. The Zimbabwean market is currently not ready to host such an internationally acclaimed artist. Our findings highlighted certain challenges that would have compromised the overall success of the event.

Our aim at Roar Entertainment has always been to offer the Zimbabwean audience unforgettable experiences and to introduce them to renowned artists from around the world. We firmly believe that diversity and exposure are essential in nurturing the local entertainment scene.

Despite this setback, Roar Entertainment will continue to strive for excellence in delivering one-of-a-kind events that are truly memorable. We appreciate the ongoing support from our fans, sponsors, and stakeholders, and we remain resolute in our dedication to bringing world-class entertainment to Zimbabwe.

In other news – Rapper C-Knight dead at 52

The Dove Shack member and hip-hop legend was taken off life support following a hospitalisation on Oct. 18. C-Knight, real name Arnez Blount, was taken to the hospital due to a stroke resulting from high sugar levels. Bo Roc, a fellow member of the Dove Shack, penned an emotional message on Instagram following the news.

He wrote: “This is like f**king nightmare I swear this s**t hurt different and I don’t want to talk about s**t to nobody so please just let me be and pray for us… On my soul I love you bro and I already don’t know what the f**k to do wit u being gone.” Read More

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