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Rapper C-Knight dead at 52

The Dove Shack member and hip-hop legend was taken off life support following a hospitalisation on Oct. 18. C-Knight, real name Arnez Blount, was taken to the hospital due to a stroke resulting from high sugar levels. Bo Roc, a fellow member of the Dove Shack, penned an emotional message on Instagram following the news.

He wrote: “This is like f**king nightmare I swear this s**t hurt different and I don’t want to talk about s**t to nobody so please just let me be and pray for us… On my soul I love you bro and I already don’t know what the f**k to do wit u being gone.”

A family member told TMZ that while getting dialysis treatment, C-Knight he had a stroke that led to cardiac arrest. Thereafter, he was resuscitated, but did not show signs of further progress. After seeing ‘no notable brain activity’, the family made the difficult decision to take him off life support on Tuesday.

When Bo Roc learned that his friend was admitted to the hospital earlier this month, he wrote on Instagram: “I’m literally begging all who sees this post to pray for my brother from another mother and one of my closest friends in the world Arnez a.k.a C Knight from the Dove Shack. He’s the founder of the Dove Shack and the reason I had the opportunity to make Summer in the LBC for the world so please please send him positive energy and healing prayers.”

Dove Shack was an influential hip-hop group comprised of C-Knight, Bo Roc, and 2Scoops. They’re known for their tracks Summertime in the lBC, This Is The Shack, and Smoke Out. While the group only released two albums, they saw immense success, holding their own in the West Coast G-Funk music movement alongside icons like Snoop Dogg and Warren G. Their last album was released in 2000.

The group wasn’t always united. Their initial run together was between 1994-2006 and, after a hiatus, they came back together briefly in both 2017 and 2018. They were signed to G-Funk, Def Jam Records, and Street Solid Records.

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