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Lizzo makes major move to get rid of harassment case

Lizzo’s counsel is going all out to get rid of the harassment lawsuit against the singer. In a recent development, the 35 year-old rapper’s attorney filed a dismissal motion against the case filed by Lizzo’s clothing designer Asha Daniels who accused her of enforcing a “sexualised and racist environment.”

However, PEOPLE quoted Lizzo’s lawyer, from the documents obtained, saying: “Daniels failed to perform the work that she was assigned and, eventually, just played hooky and refused to show up for work.”


He added that the employee was terminated for “abandoning her post” at Lizzo’s Paris concert. In September, Asha filed a lawsuit against the singer and her team, accusing them of mistreatment. She claimed that Lizzo encourages body positivity and inclusion just for show and then harasses her employees behind the cameras.

“I was listening to this Black woman on stage with this message of self-love and caring for others. And I was witnessing myself, the dancers and the background vocalists be harassed and bullied regularly,” she told NBC News at the time.

Source: People

In other news – Actor Jonathan Majors convicted of assault, dropped from Marvel films

Actor Jonathan Majors, a rising Hollywood star who had been set to play the leading role in an upcoming Marvel superhero film, was found guilty by a New York jury on Monday on charges he attacked his ex-girlfriend in the back of a car.

Jonathan Majors

Shortly after the verdict, a spokesperson for Walt Disney- owned Marvel said the studio had dropped the actor from future projects. Read more

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