Prince George to follow Queen Elizabeth’s strict travel rule when he turns 12?

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s eldest son Prince George will stop flying with his parents when he turns 12, it is claimed.

The strict travel rule for the future king was set by late Queen Elizabeth II. As per the rule, the first in line to the throne must not travel with other family members.  According to a report by Daily Express, Prince George, 10, might have to follow the same rule his father Prince William did when he turned 12.

The publication further says Prince William and Kate Middleton may need to make different travel plans for their son Prince George as the young royal cannot travel together with his father for safety.

Prince George

The future king and queen are expected to revive the royal rule when George turns 12 in July 2025. Former royal pilot Graham Laurie has also confirmed the royal rule on Hello’s A Right Royal Podcast, saying, “We flew all four, the Prince, the Princess, Prince William and Prince Harry, up until when Prince William was 12 years old.”

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Source: People

In other news – Prince Harry’s new Christmas plan related to the royal family laid bare

A royal expert has disclosed Duke of Sussex Prince Harry‘s Christmas plan related to King Charles and other family members. The royal expert has claimed that the California-based royal couple may look to “patch up” their relationship with the royal family before Christmas.

Prince Harry

Royal expert Tom Quinn told Daily Express US, per the Mirror UK, “I suspect that because Harry is beginning to realise he needs the royal family more than the royal family needs him, he may well try again to patch up the relationship as we get towards Christmas Day. Read more

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