Prince William will never forgive Prince Harry despite Princess Kate’s efforts

The already strained relationship between Prince Harry and his brother William, the Prince of Wales, appears irreparably damaged according to sources following the release of Harry’s memoir Spare and the Netflix documentary.

An insider says William remains deeply hurt by how Harry spoke about William’s wife Kate in the projects, portraying her in a negative light. While Kate may be willing to move past tensions, William’s anger and mistrust of Harry has only hardened.

“Kate may have grudgingly put the past behind her out of loyalty to the family,” noted an insider, “but William can never forgive Harry for the way he’s thrown Kate under the bus.”

“Harry is still incredibly hurt by how he has been ostracized by his brother,” said the insider, per OK! Per Omid Scobie’s new book Endgame, Prince William has been “wanting to distance himself from his brother ever since Harry’s marriage to Meghan, whom [he] took a dis- liking to from the start.”

Harry had hoped the tell-alls would help reconcile the brothers, yet they have pushed William farther away. In contrast to William wanting to distance himself from Harry, King Charles and Kate both still hope to mend relations with the Duke of Sussex.

“She may have been forced to do it,” said the insider of Kate extending the olive branch to Prince Harry, “but in the end, she’s glad she did it. This pettiness has gone on far too long, and if it leads to William and Harry reuniting as brothers, Kate won’t have any regrets. Nor should Meghan have any. Hopefully she wants to see William and Harry reconcile just as much as everyone else.”

Still, the source notes any apology from the royal family to Harry appears unlikely at this stage, especially not from William. For now, Kate and Charles are attempting to support their respective spouses through this challenging period, with Kate maintaining her steadfast commitment to promoting William’s agenda.

Source: People

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